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January – GFR becomes a member of the international organization PGV (The Accord regarding the Rules of using train cars for international freight transportation).

January – the first containers train arrives at GFR Bucharest Terminal, marking the start of a new activity, handling and storing containers.

October – GFR launches the Shunting Expert app for exploitation – an information system that intermediates the decisions taken by the maneuver operations coordinator, records and and shows the exact position of cars on the lines in real time as well as train activity. This informational product has received the excellence award in the railway industry for the invention, research and innovation in 2018, from the Romanian Association of the Railway Industry and the Railway Club.


March – GFR is the first Balkan transport operator that launches the electronic coach letter for local transport.

At the same time, it’s the first Eastern-European operator that offers its clients a web platform for interactions on all collaboration accounts – eCLIENT GFR.

The first Uagpps cars, conceptualized by GFR engineers by transforming Faccpps cars, are launched for transportation activities.

The first DHC, 1217 horsepower, is launched for activity by refitting the old DHC, 1250 horsepower, with a CUMMINS engine, according to a project done by the GFR engineers.


November – Start of collaboration with KNAUF by offering logistics services in GFR Bucharest Terminal


The launch for activity of the first Eanos cereal cars, conceptualized by GFR engineers.

Electrifying the lines of Trains Branch from Brazi is finished.

The process of cost determination for transportation is finished with the CostExpert app, designed by GFR


The launch of the first intermodal train with antennas for Bulgaria – Romania (Stara Zagora – Ruse – Chiajna – Curtici and back).

The launch of the first Fals cereal cars for transport

GFR does 12 special transports by railway, providing the subway frames from Spain for the North-South artery of Metrorex.

The process of everyday scheduling the trains is automated.

Launching INFOR GFR, which replaces MONITACTIVITA, application for monitoring wagons.


GFR starts administrating the logistics platform GFR Bucharest Terminal and starts the first handling and storing activity for Lafarge Cement.

The first DHF, 585 horsepower, locomotive is launched, by altering the old DHA, 450 horsepower, with a CUMMINS engine, as conceptualized by the GFR engineers. Up until 2016, another 16 are launched for usage.


The start of handling web requests for the insurance of trains launched by clients in an app created by GFR – RailwayOrders.


The process of insuring road personnel on circulating trains is digitalized with software created by GFR – Command of train personnel.

The start of implementing ERP in GFR under the name of INFORGFR.


June – GFR does the first transport from Romania to the Republic of Moldova, starting the collaboration with the Moldavian Railway.

August – GFR becomes the most important supplier of railway services for Petrotel LUKOIL.

December – GFR becomes the most important supplier of maneuvering and transportation services on railway for the ROMPETROL Group.

All the trains are fitted with GPS and monitored by using the Track View app.


January – The first train depot of a private operator in Romania is put to use, named Trains Branch of Brazi.

GFR starts international transports through the northern border of the country, being the first private operator from Romania that collaborates with the Ukrainian Railway.


GFR already runs transports through all the frontier stations, from Vest to South, which leads to being included in the European Community of Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER).


The start of international merchandise transportation. GFR becomes a member of GCU (AVV).

The MONITACTIVITA app for monitoring trains is designed by GFR and launched for use.


GFR grants increased attention to the transportation of bulk goods in uncovered wagons, starting a collaboration with important societies from the industries of construction, mining, and metalwork, such as: HOLCIM, LaFarge, ArcelorMital, The National Company of Huilei and others.


GFR becomes and affiliated member of OCCF and a member of CIT.


GFR becomes a member of UIC (The International Union of Railway).


GFR debuts on the market of railway transportation by working for Petrom (currently a member of the OMV group). Between 2002 and 2005, the market share of petrol product transportation expands. We work with important companies such as Petrom, Conpet and RAFO.


S.C. Romanian Railway Group S.A. (GFR) starts its activity as a maneuver operator.